Stomp All Day & Stomp All Night – Another Stompbox Build Post

In my never ending quest to improve my live performance, I ran across something interesting — an acoustic wooden stomp box. I searched for them online, and to just be a box with a crappy pickup, well to say the least, they were expensive. This gave me the notion to build my own.

I started looking around and found a desk drawer from a bamboo desk I had a while back. It was relatively close to the dimensions I was looking for so I had the box. (or three sided box — I have to cut a piece of plywood to cap it off) The wood was rough so I sanded it down with 80 grit sandpaper. That did the trick for sure.

I did reinforce the box because it was a tad on the flimsy side. Six screws later and that issue was corrected.

I am torn between wiring in a humbucker or using a kick drum mic I have laying around. I might wire it up and mold in a recess for the kick mic. Which ever is better sonically will be the keeper. I already figure that EQ, compression, and possibly a couple more effects will be necessary to make it sound legitimate.

The last thing I did before I quit for the night was attach the 1/4″ jack. I would have wired the pots and jacks up but I couldn’t find my soldering iron and solder. I’m pretty sure that the stomp box will have its fair share of abuse, so electrical tape was out of the question. I’ll find it soon to make the connections.

I did attach a handy dandy amp handle I had. Once I drilled out the hole for the jack, I screwed it in and prepared the inside of the box for the rest of the electrical stuff. For the present time, that’s all I got done. Today’s a new day, and I am sure that I’ll do more to it, and get you all updated on how it’s going!

Much Love & Peace


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